Philip J. Camp

Group Leader

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

  • MA Chemistry (1994), University of Oxford (Part II Supervisor: P. A. Madden FRS)
  • PhD Physics (1997), University of Bristol (Supervisor: M. P. Allen)
  • Izaak Walton Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1997-2000), Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia (Supervisor: G. N. Patey)
  • Lecturer (2000-2007), Senior Lecturer (2007-2012), and Reader (2012-2017) in Physical Chemistry, and Professor of Theoretical Chemistry (2017-present) at the University of Edinburgh
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  • Chemistry Tree
  • Enjoys beer, pálinka, slivovice, vodka, whisky, fishing, hardbass, sleeping outdoors, zip wires

Research expertise: the development and application of molecular simulations and statistical mechanics to the study of condensed materials such as liquids, solids, and colloidal suspensions. Current research topics include:

  • static and dynamic properties of magnetic liquids;
  • self-assembly, adsorption, and friction of amphiphilic and polymeric molecules at liquid-solid interfaces;
  • using molecular simulations to complement scattering and reflectivity experiments;
  • thermal properties of complex fluids;
  • biomolecular self-assembly and biomineralisation.
Overview of Camp group research
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