Philip J. Camp

Group Leader

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

  • BA Chemistry (1994), University of Oxford (Part II Supervisor: P. A. Madden FRS)
  • PhD Physics (1997), University of Bristol (Supervisor: M. P. Allen)
  • Izaak Walton Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1997-2000), Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia (Supervisor: G. N. Patey)
  • Lecturer (2000-2007), Senior Lecturer (2007-2012), and Reader (2012-2017) in Physical Chemistry, and Professor of Theoretical Chemistry (2017-present), at the University of Edinburgh
  • Head of Physical Chemistry (2014-present)
  • School of Chemistry web page
  • Google Scholar web page
  • ORCID iD
  • My hobbies include eating, drinking, and sleeping.

The area of current research is the development and application of computer simulation methods and statistical mechanics to study dense materials such as liquids, solids, and colloidal suspensions. Recent studies include: (1) the thermodynamics and magnetic properties of ferrofluids, colloidal suspensions of magnetised nanoparticles; (2) the processes of polymeric self-assembly and deposition on surfaces driven by solvent evaporation; (3) the adsorption of surfactants on colloidal surfaces; (4) kinetic friction in lubricated systems; (5) the structure, dynamics, and phase behaviour of ionic fluids; (6) the design and characterisation of nanoscale drug-delivery devices; (7) biomineralisation in diatoms.

Overview of Camp group research
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